Lake Forest Tennis Committee & Information

Amenity Waivers
Please review the letter from our HOA attorney explaining the need for the amenity waivers for those playing team sports or taking lessons at community amenities. You will need to download and complete the HOA liability waivers for adults, minors, and coaches as necessary in order to participate with on tennis teams.(The same waivers apply for those participating on the Lake Forest Swim Team as well as those taking swim lessons.) These waivers will be audited.

Pay to Play
The Lake Forest Pay to Play Policy is in effect each fiscal year starting on January 1. HOA Dues are payable in full on February 1st. Alternatively, HOA dues are payable in two separate installments.

If the installment option is chosen, one half of the annual dues are to be paid on February 1 and the balance on April 1. If dues are not paid in February, a homeowner is in default and should not be using the amenities nor playing team sports.

Rosters will be audited and participants should be turned away from participating on sports teams, committees, social events and general use of community amenities.

Need a Court?
If you wish to reserve a community tennis court, be sure you have an account setup on ReserveMyCourt. If you need an account, please click here to create an account and select our courts in Lake Forest.

www.ReserveMyCourt.Com is the place to reserve. You may also call (877) ON COURT, that's (877) 662-6878.

Please be sure to cancel a court reservation should you no longer intend to honor the reservation! This will free the court so others can use it.

Tennis Committee
Kelly Seifert
(770) 402-1904