Lake Forest Clubhouse Committee

The Lake Forest Community Clubhouse is one of our most expensive assets. It is available for the residents of the community for rent and information can be found in the document center.

The Clubhouse Committee's primary task is to be the caretakers of the facility in the sense of observing the overall care and use by the residents. We hold keys to the facility and coordinate them to fellow residents of the Lake Forest Community for facility use. We evaluate the status of the facility before and after scheduled events, parties and meetings to coordinate the return of any security deposits.

Policies are needed and used so that the residents of Lake Forest Community will be able to enjoy the facility for years to come.

Overall the work done by the Clubhouse Committee is "low impact" yet important as the needs of the community continue to change and expand, and to preserving this asset for the community. The Clubhouse is a facility where Home Owner's Association (HOA) members of all ages can come to relax, meet, and enjoy the company of others in the community.

Committee Roles & Responsibilities
  • Interact with the HOA Management Company to coordinate member access for events
  • Evaluate the condition of facilities and make sure the building is secure after events
  • Keep a watchful eye on the facilities and on the equipment and furniture within. Notify the HOA Board and Management Company of items that need attention.
  • Plan for routine maintenance issues affecting the HOA Budget
  • Work with the HOA Management Company to make sure items are inventoried
  • Make sure residents know what assets they have to use for personal events.
  • Answer resident questions about accessing the Clubhouse (upper or lower levels)

Basically, as a Committee for the HOA Board and residents of the Lake Forest Community, we try to protect and preserve the building inside and out. We are points of contact inside the community and with the Management Company. We solicit ideas from the community of neighbors about features they'd like to have added at the central indoor amenity. We are always open to having others join us and provide input.