Modifications Committee


Our job is to review requests for additions, changes, or modifications to the exterior of your houses and compare those proposed changes to the neighborhood covenants and architectural guidelines. These changes include adding fences (invisible or above ground), changing exterior house colors, roofing changes, adding play equipment or tree-houses or trampolines, changing landscaping, in-ground pools, spas, hot tubs, additions of garden gnomes, maintaining livestock (it is North Georgia after all), etc. The intent is to be flexible and accommodating where we can, while still balancing the standards set by the community.

Here's what we do not do. We are not the source of the letters letting us know its time to refresh pine straw, mulch or edge the lawn, move play equipment behind the house, remove dead trees or any of those other types of items. We contract with our management company to take on this odious, yet necessary task. The intent is twofold. First is so neighbors aren't at each other's throats over violations and secondly so the issuing of violation letters can't be used improperly if neighbors already have grievances against each other. Community Management Associates is a neutral, disinterested violation enforcer. As a partially built out neighborhood, we also have issues with builder lots and keeping on the builders to maintain the undeveloped lots. Community Management Associates also sends letters to builders to keep the weeds cut and mowed back to 10 feet from the property lines, among other things.

However we, as your Modifications Committee, are tasked with external additions and modifications rather than violations enforcement so let us know if you have questions about what needs reviewed before making exterior changes. You can get a copy of the modifications guideline in the Document Center or by clicking here.