Lake Forest Swim Team Committee

For more information regarding the Lake Forest Swim Team, email

The Lake Forest Swim Team was established in 2006 and averages 150 swimmers. Children ages 5 to 18 attend swim practices and compete in swim meets throughout Forsyth County during the months of May and June. There are typically five (5) swim meets during the summer league season, as well as a County Championship swim meet held at Georgia Tech.

The Lake Forest Swim Team includes swimmers of all abilities, from first-time swimmers to year-round swimmers. Most children that join our swim team return year after year.

Swimming is a very healthy sport, with no impact and virtually no injuries. Because of that, and the Georgia summer heat, most parents find that having their children swim on a summer swim team is a great way for their children to beat the heat and burn off lots of energy!

Amenity Waivers
Please review the letter from our HOA attorney explaining the need for the amenity waivers for those on the swim team. You will need to download and complete the HOA liability waivers for adults, minors, and coaches as necessary in order to participate with the swim team.(The same waivers apply for those taking lessons on Lake Forest tennis courts in team sporting events as well as taking tennis lessons.) These waivers will be audited.

Pay to Play
The Lake Forest Pay to Play Policy is in effect each fiscal year starting on January 1. HOA Dues are payable in full on February 1st. Alternatively, HOA dues are payable in two separate installments.

If the installment option is chosen, one half of the annual dues are to be paid on February 1 and the balance on April 1. If dues are not paid in February, a homeowner is in default and should not be using the amenities nor playing team sports.

Rosters will be audited and participants should be turned away from participating on sports teams, committees, social events and general use of community amenities.