Lake Forest Lake Committee

The Lake that flanks a few of the edges of our community is called Twin Lakes. The Community has a private Lake Park found at the end of Broadwater Trail which includes an upgraded fishing pier, parking, picnic tables, benches, and a small boat ramp. Our fishing pier and decking is made of hearty ironwood. The pier is so nice, it's caught the eye of fishermen from all around. Vehicles with license tags from Dawson and Hall counties have been found blocking the boat launch area, and filling the limited parking spaces of our private property built for the use of HOA Members in good standing and their family members. For these reasons the following procedures have been put in place for the peace and protection of all of our members. 

Beginning Friday May 3, 2019, the access to the boat ramp at the Lake Park is gated and locked. Residents in good standing, that have a small paddle or row boat, kayak or canoe, and no motor larger than a trolling motor, who wish to have access to the boat ramp will need to obtain a code.
You will need to email either; Board Member Mark Davis at, or Association Manager Chuck Adams at and you must include the following information in your email or your request for the code will not be acknowledged:

1. Your first and last name
2. Address
3. Best phone number
4. Email address
5. Boat description; Brand, model and color

A log of who is issued the code will be kept in order to notify those when the code is changed. 
Residents leaving their vehicles at the Lake Park are required to display the Lake Park parking permit hang tag at all times while on these premises. Each home is provided two parking permits. If you didn't receive these from the prior owners or misplaced yours please reach out to the Association Manager, Chuck Adams at anytime. The manager is also onsite at the Clubhouse on Tuesdays from 10am to 2pm, please email before coming to the clubhouse and please wear a mask.  

By accepting the code to the Boat Ramp and entering the Lake Park premises you agree to abide by the following Lake Park and Boat Ramp Rules:

1. The boat ramp is for Lake Forest residents only, all guest must be accompanied by the resident at all times. Residents are not authorized to give permission to non-residents or non-resident family members to use Lake Park.

2. There will be a lock placed on the gate and a lock box mounted on the post for the key to unlock the gate to the ramp.

3. Once you open the gate you are to close it behind you to prevent non-residents from entering.

4. After placing your boat in water you will park your vehicle in the parking lot, display your parking permit, lock gate and replace key back in the lock box. DO NOT leave gate open and/or take the key while on your boat, so that others may use the ramp.

5. No one is authorized to give out the code for the lockbox to anyone INCLUDING OTHER RESIDENTS. Each owner must request individually. A log is kept of who receives the lock box code.

6. No copies of the key will be made for individual use.

7. When the Lake Park is closed for safety issues there will be no access to the Boat Ramp. The Boat Ramp is also closed.

In order for this program to work we must have the full cooperation of the users. The Lake Forest Lake committee suggested this program and will continue to monitor the Park for unauthorized users and resident cooperation. 

If you have an interest in joining the Lake Forest Lake Committee, please email the Association Manager using the links above.